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Why Choose a Puppy From Schutzhund Titled Parents?

    The sport of Schutzhund is a temperament test for working dogs like German Shepherds.  Dogs that pass Schutzhund trials must have certain traits.  They need to be intelligent, trainable, protective, and confident.  Schutzhund dogs produce puppies like themselves.  The same traits that make good Schutzhund dogs also make great family pets
    Not only do I title my dogs in Schutzhund, but I also Breed Survey them.  In order for a dog to become Breed Surveyed, certain criteria must be met.  The dog needs to be titled, he must pass a 12 mile endurance test, his hips need to be certified free of hip dysplasia, and he  must get a rating from a Conformation Show proving he is structurally correct.  Once all this criteria is met, the dog goes in front of a Breed Survey Judge, who examines him carefully and observes him doing a protection routine.  Only when a dog passes all this, can he be considered Breed Surveyed and be desirable to be bred.  All my dogs are Breed Surveyed before being allowed to have puppies.  This is why my dogs produce such high quality puppies, who become not only sport or competition dogs, but also loyal companions and enjoyable pets.  My puppies, with the right training, also make excellent protection dogs.

Before my puppies go to their new home, they are checked by a veterinarian, receive their first shots, microchipped, socialized, and stimulated using the technique of the US Military's Bio Sensor Program.



Repeat breeding of my L litter.


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SG Kent v Aurora Teufelblut IPO3 KK X V Devony de Locherie SchH3 KK1

  • Kent is a very strong young up and coming male.  He will be shown Nationally starting in 2014

  • Kent's hips are rated A Normal from Germany

  • Kent is a beautiful sable color. This color is highly prized in the breed's native country, Germany. Click Here for more info on coat colors.

  • Devony received a "V" in conformation and KK1 under SV Judge Dieter Oeser on June 12th-13th, 2010.

  • She earned her SchH3 under SV Judge Heinz Gerdes on July 25th, 2010 with a score of 92-93-99=284.

  • OFA (The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) certified Devony's hips as EXCELLENT.  This is the highest rating they give.

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         1 WEEK 2 WEEK            
#1 Black Tan Female          
#2 Sable Female          
#3 Black Tan Male          
#4 Black Tan Male          
#5 Black Tan Male          
#6 Black Tan Female          
#7 Black Tan Female          
#8 Black Tan Male          

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