Locherie German Shepherds
 Breeder of Quality AKC German Shepherd Puppies
Breeding for temperament, protectiveness, & Schutzhund/ IPO competition.
Located in Cleveland, Ohio
Near Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky, and West Virginia



AKC - American Kennel Club.  The largest multi breed organization in the USA.  It holds obedience trials, conformation shows, and many other tests.  

CKC - Canadian Kennel Club.  The largest multi breed organization in Canada.  It holds obedience trials and conformation shows.   

CD - Companion Dog.  The first achievable title in AKC or CKC obedience trials.  

CDX - Companion Dog Excellent.  The second title a achievable in AKC or CKC obedience trials.  

TD - Tracking Dog.  The first degree a dog can earn at an AKC or CKC tracking test.  

USA - United Schutzhund Clubs of America.  (Of course when not referring to the country!!)  This is an organization, to which I belong, that holds Schutzhund Trials, German Conformation Shows, and Breed Surveys for German Shepherds.  

Schutzhund - A sport that was developed to test German Shepherds for breed worthiness.  This test includes tracking, obedience, and protection work.  There are 3 main titles:  Schutzhund 1, 2, and 3.  A dog must start by earning a Schutzhund 1, and work it's way to a Schutzhund 3.  

SchH1 - Schutzhund 1.  The lowest Shutzhund title.  

SchH2 - Schutzhund 2.  The second Schutzhund title.  

SchH3 - Schutzhund 3.  The highest Schutzhund title.  

FH - An advanced tracking title offered in Schutzhund.  

Breed Survey - An event in Schutzhund in which a dog has to attain certain requirements and is looked over by a special judge to be determined if he is worthy of breeding. 

KK1 - Koer Klassed- The German word for Breed Surveyed.  

IP3 - An international title very similar to the schH3 title.

Show Rating - These are given to dogs in a German Conformation Show.  V is excellent, SG is very good, and G is good.  A show rating is one of the requirements for a Breed Survey.

AD - This is a 12 mile endurance test that is a requirement for the Breed Survey.

BH - A combination temperament test and obedience routine that must be earned before a dog can earn a SchH1. 

Hip X-ray - German Shepherds, among other breeds, need to have their hips x-rayed to check for hip dysplasia, a potentially crippling disease.  There are 2 organizations I have used to read and grade the x-rays.  OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and the A-Stamp Program.  OFA has 3 passing ratings; excellent, good, and fair.  The A-stamp Program has 2 passing ratings, Normal (good to excellent) and Fast Normal. (fair)

OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals  

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Trish Sansbury - Owner
Locherie Shepherds
216 387-3889
Cleveland, OH
Member of United Schutzhund Clubs of America